Miro Kokenov, 9 January 2016


I called a session on producing as I did not know what exactly the producers do and

because I was looking for a producer.

Here it is what we were talking on the session:

* Producers want to have a creative imput in the process of making a show.

* Making a show is 50-50 relationship between the producer and the other


*The producer wants to experiment with the project;

* The producer wants to be part of the project;

*How do you find a producer?

- Producers breakfast on Edinbbrough Fringe;

- Facebook group - Theater Producers;

- Invite the producer to see your work;

- Research and find a producer that works on shows similar to the one you make;

- Let the producers know what exactly you expect from them

- Find a friend that is interested in your project and is willing to help;

*Who is looking for/after the producer?

- Minimum pay for producers;

- Is there a producer's network;

Thank you for reading I hope this is useful.

Also, If you want to find more about the project I am working on please email me on

[email protected] and I'll come back to you with more information.