Post Show discussions - are they useful?

Andy Corelli, 29 July 2012

Yes, they can aid understanding of the show/production but need to be in a format that works.

Present in the group was a theatre critic. He would not want to attend one of these on the night he was reviewing.

Discussions would be of more benefit for audience if it was just the writer and director especially for companies showcasing new work and emerging writers. The actors generally have little to offer - unless it's a one man show perhaps - they have interpreted the writers/director words/vision. The interesting part is to question how the piece came about and how it has been interpreted. Also, actors have just finished work and may not be in best position mentally/emotionally to give good feedback.

Timing is important. If there is a break and audience leave the space for 5/10 minutes, there is chance they may not return. If it is just the writer and director could have it straight away.

Also, if just one audience member on own, they may want to have opportunity to discuss with someone so p/s discussion good for that person.


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