Convener(s): Simon Casson

Participants: Rebecca Brown, Annie Lloyd, Lyne Forbes, Hazel Gould, Montse Gili, Kirstie McKenzie, Jon Spooner, Polly Mosely, Laura McDermott, Will Bock, Suzannah Clapp, David Jackson, Micheal Morris, David Jackson, Nikki Hinksman.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

A complex moral argument involving the engagement of tramps, dossers, street drinkers and homeless junkies in performance shows.

The difference between the work of Richard Billingham and Gillian Wearing and the community theatre/forum work of Cardboard Citizens.

Big conversation about lives of artists being on the edge leading to art that is sometimes on the edge.

The conversation wasn’t as right on as I thought it might be.