Li-E Chen, 25 January 2015

Session title: Permanent mini-pockets of DandD/Open Space across London,

National and beyond

People who participated the conversations of the session:

Two passers (male), Paul, Hugo, Anna, Andrea, David (after the session), Guy (next


why this is important -

Purpose: Encourage emerged-crossed art forms

Summary of suggestion to take actions:

- start from Improbable DandD teams

- have representative from DandD members or ACE members or DandD producers?

- start BAC first because this is something BAC is already doing but hope to create a

structural permanent ‘mini-pockets’ site to allow anyone who is not only working in

theatre (such audience, ballet dancers, etc) who are wanting to come in BAC and

meet people and learn about theatre making….

- Hugh would like to start testing out the idea in Cambridge because he is based in


- Anna would like to test out in Paris because he is not based in Paris.

- Li would like to begin at BAC if this is possible. She will also try to ask Royal Opera

House, Tate Modern, Young Vic, Sadlers Wells, The Place, Southbank Centre, Live

Arts Development Agency, Artsadmin and many other organisations to all say “Yes”.

This will then become permanent.

“A mathematician is a device for turning arts and cultural into a theorem.” Li-E Chen's

21st century leadership development at BAC 2012.

- The next people to speak to: people here at DandD - succeeded

- The next people to speak to: Improbable

Try not to push too much on the ideas, just try to have conversations to begin

and understand if this is a right time now.