Performing instructions

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

(Note to the following section: I agreed to follow the instruction ‘document this session’. This is my response to that instruction in the first section of the session. Gloria)

Instructions are not exclusive.

Instructions can be high level.

Instructions are not just tasks.

To follow instruction is not to complete instruction.

In doing we reveal being.

The process of attempting instruction is interesting.

Question the instruction.

Resist the instruction.

This session is influenced by the impulse to follow instruction.

Inviting the audience to perform an instruction.

Instructing is teaching. Like a swimming instructor. Like a desperate death of a polar bear.

How can instruction be performance not process in mainstream space.

Rotozaza 5 in the morning Doublethink.

Accumulative effect of these instructions.

How do they know if it’s not rehearsed?

Do you need to know?

Is it rehearsed?

The audience need to know this.

We left them a trail of instructions taped underneath the piano.

To go to their separate postions.

It became a sort of game. We wanted her to bark like a dog.

Was there any musical instruction? The whole score was what I had interpreted.

This is a game. You need to complete it as far as you can. 

He was this invisible presence. She came out and she couldn’t see him. I found it a pure way of making work.

The preparation was working out how you communicate a instruction. Another way of writing performance. You need to have an agreement between the performer and the audience.

Very simple contract essentially.

What are the rules for a good instruction?

I can tell you what I saw, I can’t tell you the instructions. She was counting, and she was looking, and when she dropped them she would laugh. The accident was incorporated.

The person who wrote these instructions. 

People were laughing loudest when it was really scary.