Performance Without Performers

Mehrdad Seyf, 29 September 2012

What is the starting point for a performance if you don't think of performers?


b/Random events
Other people occupting the space

What is theatrical about a space without performers?
a/ Can you watch a space inthe same way you watch a performance?
b/ Do you have to have an active relationship to the space?
c/Does the content of the space and their relationship to each other determine its theatricality?

If performers are taken out of the equation, does it open the door to other disciplines to infiltrate and influence theatre?
b/Visual Arts

c/ Non-artistic disciplines

Performance without performers could involve audiences as performers, as well as professional and non professional performers. It is however not performer-centred, allowing the content of the project to develop and dictate its form.

Venues can suffer from the difficulty that the money they receive from funding bodies

are directly targeted to the more traditional space within their building, making it difficult to support and engage with more adventurous projects that take place outside the venue and challenge established forms.

The space has anti-presence,in the same way that John Cage explores the notion of existing sound in a perforrmative context, the taking away of performers, allows us to explore what is left in a perforrmative way.

Participants: Mehrdad Seyf, Tom Butterworth, Daniel Brine, Daniel Pitt, John, Phelim McDermot


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Li-E Chen, 3 February 2013

Hello Mehrdad,

just read about your post which is similar to what i am thinking too, here is the link of my post recently: