Passionate about creating original new theatre and trying to make it

Convener(s): Jade Marie Gandy

Participants: Tamson Sheslo, Joe Bell Puifan Lee, Micheal Twis

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

This discussion was very interesting as it went in a lot of different directions, from how does a writer fit in the devising process weather they would like to grow along with the process. How Arts council could be an issue with having to fit certain criteria’s and not be able to create your own original theatre if it doesn’t fit the criteria. What I found interesting was something so simple and that is work an average job make your own funding and this gives you the freedom to create what you want. Their was a sharing of going back to basics getting rid of drama schools for a number of years.

Also starting apprentices for actors, directors, writers ect.

This expearince was a good shock for me as I wasn’t expecting this discussion to start with my topic, but its going back to being surprised and not expecting.

An issue of allowing time to create something new and fresh instead of rushing also.

Allowing you’re self to go back to what you have already performed and looking at it from a different perspective.

Jade Maire Gandy Thanks xx