Steven Whinnery, 24 January 2015

Attended by an interesting and engaging group of people some of whom left their

contact details some who did not: so this is not an exhaustive list of those who

attended. Hope you don't mind that I have put your email addresses up here. It means

that those who were at the session can contact one another:

Who ran the session:

Steven Whinnery: [email protected]

Those lovely people who came:

Sarah Ball: [email protected]

Verena Leonardini: [email protected]

Colin Campbell: [email protected]

Jane Ensell: [email protected]

What was good that came out of our discussions was the desire to work in a creative

ways that allows play to be the place that we come from enngaging with one another.

To bring humanity to the whole process. Offering to people working in the arts different

types of approaches, therapy and self managment that is affordable, available, and

consistent. Empowering artists to be open about their mental health problems and be

a resource and repository of collective wisdom to share with the population as a


We talked about the stigma of mental health. Working in mental health settings.

Dealing with mental health, the slashing of funding to day care help for people with

mental health problems. The dismantling of the NHS.

What came out was to pull resources of expertise and to work together to offer our

expertise to create tailored and focused self management for performers. Appropriate

to their profession and thinking style and their finances

In the group: a hypnotherapist, a drama therapist, a feldenkrais practitioner, and other

skills not disclosed, other depths still to be explored. Thank you

A topic that needs further discussion and we only really scratched the surface…watch

this space. Thanks everyone for coming. Keep in touch. Best wishes Steven


hypnotherapy, feldenkrais, NHS, self-management, the arts, mental health, coping

strategies, play