Report by Evan Kassof, 7 June 2015

In short, it is.

In general, we discussed the ‘supremacy’ of music in opera, but the importance of collaboration between the librettist and the composer.

Learning to work with words is essential: in particular, this was about the ways composers interact with a libretto and the librettist and how words are treated…

Specific points that were raised:

Song being key to good opera.

Music is the driving force of emotionality.

Only a few composers are capable of writing great music.

The composer is entirely responsible for the opera. If the libretto is bad, then the composer ought to address that.

Theater being dominated by ‘thematic projects’ don't work as opera.

All of this being said, the ‘supremacy’ of the music is always open to qualification. The OPERA is only great when all of the elements; theater, music, and words, and drama work together,.


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