Chris Grady, 28 January 2014

After the very necessary, welcome, and deeply enriching evening in the pub on Sat

eve with glorious experienced and virgin D&Ders, four of us wended our way onto a

late Northern Line train south. Alan had his Uke in a case, Lorraine had her amazing

life force, and Sally and I were in support.

We watched a rather dull carriage of people draw up in front of us. Most in black, most

slightly tired, maybe a tad the worse for wear. Lorraine and I were talking about the joy

of D&D as we entered the space.

It was only then I saw Alan's Uke case, and suggested he should play it. The lovely

older lady sitting next to him nudged him and encouraged him. Quite relunctantly in a

near midnight carriage of strangers he complied, and strummed very quietly.

The carriage went silent and 20 people around us started to smile. It was beautiful and

very calm. We arrived at the next station.

Onto the train stepped a man with a beatbox and an Italian lady who sat next to me.

Alan continued to play quietly but now he was joined with a beat…and a moment later

by quiet singing in Italian. More smiled. More enjoyment.

The beat quickened, the swaying of the passengers increased and a moment later

Lorraine and the Italian girl were up and dancing with other passengers supporting

with clapping.

All too soon we reached another station. The beatbox guy got off. But the Italian singer

didn't. Only then did I realise that they hadn't arrived as a couple of musicians. They

were two random people sent by the universe to give us better harmonies and impact.

The Italian singer, Guilia, is a jeweller and runs a music venue in Camden and…yes

she has my card, has been in touch, and I will be sending her this report and

suggesting she joins us for DandD10.

Sadly I got to Clapham North and left my three friends singing and playing on their

way to Balham. My smile and joy must have been seen and felt by others on the

platform and down the street.

Thank you DandD for bringing me into these places, and to Harrison Owen and his

Open Space for reminding me to be open to be Surprised. To Phelim for weaving a

calm magic of opportunity for us all. And to London Underground for welcoming Open

Space on the Northern Line.


busking, underground, subway, singers, strangers, opening space, ukulele