Training Needs:

Venue relationships & Negotiation
Project planning
Time and resource management
Team dynamics / people management

Top tips:

Start with a to list - getting everything you think you need to do on paper can help you see what you're missing, and what order things need to be done in.

If you can, try to separate admin and creative time.

Make a list of existing resources as well as what you need to make a project happen.

Ask for help!

Know your local ecology - get to know what organisations are out there, and what kinds of projects they support. Ask for a coffee even if you don't have a project to pitch!

When your project is funding dependent, make that clear to your partners - they may expect you to do something with little or no money otherwise.

Producing your own work for a bit will make you better at working with producers in future

When approaching venues, take the time to look at their website first - make sure they're interested in similar work. Try to name similar artists or projects they've supported in the past when speaking to them.

Look at similar artists' touring plans - it's a good way to quickly find out who might be interested in your project