Chris Rowland, 15 January 2017

Projects that look at artistic value :

Bryony Kimmings - Show me the Money

(disclosing how much artists get paid by venues)

Paula Varjack - Show me the Money - a show and video project

A playful investigation of making art in a time of austerity.

A message from someone left on a sheet of paper

My artistic life changed when I started working for a business that charges £1000 a

day for writing. Four figures for words! I know in the arts we rarely get to work for

people/orgs who have lots of money but I think something shifted for me when I

realised there is a market for words and writing and creativity and I'm allowed to value

what I do and choose who I work with and charge what I'm worth (not what I think the

budget will be) I don't suggest this as a solution to structural inequalities but I found

the shift in my perception has really helped.


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