Points that came up during the discussion:
What about the regions?
Would it be possible to produce a regional theatre podcast covering the whole of the UK?

Who's the audience?
If for general public:
Try not to be jargonistic
Educate about specific venues.
What is the experience like of visiting a specific venue - what are they known for?
Do they do food?
Should we produce short episode guides to venues and seasons?
Our audience may appreciate insights into the industry.
Emphasis on great VALUE of fringe shows - cheap tickets etc

If for industry:
More specific detail about venues/opportunities
How ADs choose a programme
Discuss issues in the industry - from The Stage maybe?
Notice trends in shows opening - climate change etc

Interview artists who continue to make shows for fringe - not for West End development.
Fringe for Fringe sake

Audience could send in Audio reviews?

Other people attending who are making podcasts
Paul Levy - The Fringe in Review
Rational Madness
Catherine Duquette - interactive audio stories
Tomorr Kokona - Creatives Corner