Northern Exposure

Convener(s): Ann Wilson

Participants: Richard, Jenna, Saira, Rowena, Bill

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

How do we create equal opportunities for artists in rural communities or NW communities?

  • Have large audiences/audience development
  • Networking
  • Clear Marketing with travel times and directions
  • Get artists and audiences to join networks
  • Awareness is key
  • Focal points like festivals can attract new artists/audiences/influences for imagination
  • Keeping costs low can help
  • Valuing volunteers and keeping energy – word of mouth
  • Perceptions – what is regional – value judgments – keep challenging them
  • Signpost training
  • Keep the sparks
  • Chance happenings
  • People going to the cinema seeing an event and going to it instead
  • We need fireworks and the spaces to reflect
  • Getting people together not just to see events but also to celebrate and just be in the space or have a cup of tea J
  • More networking events are needed.

We were happy to be here J ThanksJ