Non Verbal Session


Convener(s): Jon Palmer (Full Body and the Voice)


Participants: Judith S?, Polly Mesely, Loiuse Kemeny, Laura Cubitt,Stephen Jon, Sally Christopher, Paron Mead, Bronia Evers, Jonny Dixon, Hazel Maddocks, Dan Marsden, Alan Fielden, Monique Sterling, Madeleine Twigg, Siret Paju, Jade Goody, Jen Lunn, Creative Monkey

and others who came and went – Gill Hambleton, Phelim McDermott et al

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:


Exploration of issues and encounters that emerge naturally without an agenda and without talking. An intense version of Open Space. Reinforced for me that all sessions like this follow the pattern of a journey: hope, self-consciousness, camaraderie, confusion, despair, achievement, completion and celebration.

We literally had a light bulb moment. Phelim please paste photograph here…

Any participants are welcome to add comment here. What did you learn? How did it help you in your practice? What did it make you think/reflect upon?

Thanks for being the right people at the right time. More in-depth insight will be found in a book due out in the summer. Best wishes, Jon