Giuseppe Belli, 10 January 2016

Report in progress…….

I'm a theatre designer/artist exploring theatre process and developing ideas for new

works that inspire new writing through design.

The traditional routes to creative fruition still begin with a director or producer. More

often than not as a designer, I and others rely on them for our employment.

I want to discuss the development and support of channels that allow any creative or

team with a great idea - to approach and make exciting new work for excited new


I would like to chat with actors, directors, performers and producers, Artistic and

creative directors and anyone else about getting those great ideas out of the ether and

into performance.

Explored discussions included

The writing or work doesn't exist, but I have an exciting concept or development model

that will allow it to……

I'm not a director or a producer - What do I do? What would you do?

Creative pathways to performance - design concept inspiring writing.

Pigeon holing and kicking down doors.

The designer or artist as initiator or producer. Explorations in creative process.

Twitter name @giuseppebelli


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