Steven Rayner, 28 January 2013

Attendees: Steve & Lucy

This session was called in response to the idea that came out of yesterday's ‘What Are

We Going To Do About New Writing’ group, mourning the loss of resources provided

by Writernet (and previous to that the New Playwright's Trust).

It seems there is an appetite for resources for new writers (of plays, in the first

instance). A starting point could be to provide information on who will read their work

(theatres, competitions, production companies etc) and what are the entry limitations

for these bodies.

Beyond that, other useful resources would include an environment for writers to

communicate with one another, information on spaces available for putting on work,

information that could support professional development (courses, advice, mentoring).

The first action is to set up a site listing organisations that will accept new writing. I will

do this and if anyone would like to offer thoughts or advice, please let me know.


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German Munoz, 29 January 2013

I would like to help out. Cheers!

Steven Rayner, 29 January 2013

Thank you German. I've found your email via your website so will drop you an email. Steve.

Abigail Anderson, 1 February 2013

hello there! We talked in the Sunday session on “what to do about new writing” about the demise of new playwrights

trust/writernet who were the original creators and keepers of the list of where to send your play. It struck me that the

Writers Guild is still going strong - have they got a similar list? they might well do. Don't duplicate work - collaborate!

Hope this is of interest. Best wishes Abi Anderson

Steven Rayner, 2 February 2013

Hello Abigail, Thanks for your message. Yes, will definitely investigate if this info is already available as a first step,

Thanks for pointing me towards the Writers' Guild, I'll check in with them on Monday. Steve.