New Writing

Verity Bartesch, 22 June 2012

It is late in the day. The final D and D session. There is a circle of chairs. A man enters and writes on a piece of paper; “New Writing”. He sits. He waits for as long as he thinks fits and walks to the news desk. Someone is typing.
Man: No one.

Woman: Just you?
Man: Just me.
Woman: and?
Man: I decided that there are only a couple of theatre companies in Leicester who support new writers and their works. Off the Fence Theatre Company has produced 14 new pieces in the past 12 months, Citizen 598 have a call out for monologues and they plan to work with performer and playwright. Other than that nothing was talked about. That's about it.

Woman: Cool. Type it up then. Man: I have.
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