New Work - How do we get audiences to come and venues to book?

Toby Ealden, 26 September 2012

Audiences will flock to well known theatre/stories whether it's good or bad work and may miss out on FANTASTIC NEW WORK.


G4A - pool together Lincolnshire based producing companies to network/support/pool resources/encourage and put bid in that links to local venues in some sort of showcase/development/help to produce work and take out of the county ultimately.

Scatch performances

Work produced, make it attractive to the venues… or do we consentrate on stuff that inspires us. Do we give them something that will sell (e.g. Gruffalo, or new work that might inspire)

Could we create a showcase with the LOV venues where audiences are transported across the venues in buses that have entertainment ‘magical mystery tour’ that also showcase different work in and around the venues. Feedback might take place on the bus.

Different ways to promote:

Flashmob, getting out onto the street to a new audience

Word of Mouth

Fake word of mouth - getting hired people to talk enthusiastically in public place about event

Need to be clear to venues ‘why they should book us’.

Hung up on venues or do we take theatre into new spaces?

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