New Musical Theatre

Convener(s):    Amy Ip

Participants:      3 (ladies please write your names down, sorry!)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Amy called the session in the hope that there might be some new musical theatre writers in the house or people who also felt as passionately as she did about this art form.

It was very telling that only two other people came to talk to her about this subject and there seemed to be no-one at D & D who were writing musical theatre. (Note, upon announcement of this session, Amy was approached by a lady from Musical Theatre Matters who Amy will contact at a later date.)

It was noted that though musical theatre is definitely very popular, much of the musical theatre on in this country has come from the States either from Broadway or Off (Off) Broadway.

It was noted that though you if you are a new producer, writer, director, there are bursaries and awards out there that one can apply for but when the Vivien Ellis Musical Theatre writing award became defunct, that kind of funding disappeared. It was also noted that Musical Theatre is not really seen as an artform in this country and is firmly put in the very commercial sector so therefore this is why it is not really getting any kind of Arts Council Support.

Amy has met some ACE officers who are interested in Musical Theatre but there are none that are particularly dedicated this sector.

A lady in the group from the States also noted that in her opinion, Musical Theatre in this country is performed to a poorer standard than that of on Broadway and a supposition was made that this maybe due to lack of funding and suitable training.

As this was a small group and there was another Musical Theatre related session being run by Nigel Richards about: Can I still be an artist and do Musical Theatre? we decided to convene and join their discussion. 

Anyone who has read this and would like to discuss new musical theatre, please can they get in contact via [email protected] as Amy would like to talk to others interested in producing new musical theatre.