Negitive Nancys; why are people always so critical?

Alice Bunker-Whitney, 2 October 2012

Alice, Brit, Andrew, Mary, Jim, Andy, Steph.

Why do audiences feel the need to pick holes and find the negatives in theatre performances rather then experiencing it for what it is?

Have audiences become increasingly academic? is work being made for a more academic audience? are we taught to be critical? Do we feel the need to be critical through insecurities, with our own work? with ourselves as audience members? is it about taste? Is wether something was good or not boring? is it more interesting to watch with enthusiasm and then be critical? enthusiasm can be looked down upon, it could be seen as more intelligent to be critical.

If you have worked in theatre for a long period of time you may not be able to experience theatre in the same way. Your critical side of the brain may over take.

Are people closed off from theatre, are they unable to use i as a form of escapism (tv culture).

Was it worth it? Whats the point? Do we asked too much of theatre? Is there a feeling of ‘value’ getting value for money vs finding value in the work.

Are we too british? do we feel the need to moan about everything? are unable to be honest?

Should we be more supportive? is buying a ticket and going enough?

Its so easy to be critical!? do we need to pick our fights?


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