My friend Sally is really fit and brilliant. She would like a boyfriend.

Convener(s): Session hosted by Jamie, notes typed up by Sally

Participants: Jamie, Sally, Lou, Dodger, Pam, Lynne, Michael, a lovely lady and another man with very cool hair

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

On Saturday morning when sessions were being called I joked to my good friend Jamie that I should host one called “Hi, I’m Sally, 32, I would like a boyfriend…discuss”. Jamie encouraged the idea, but at that point I wasn’t brave enough to ask the question, laughed it off as is normal for me and I left D and D to attend a friend’s wedding…secretly wishing I had had more courage to ask the big question. Sunday morning, Jamie greets me and simply says “So, Sal, what is the title of your session then?” and happily took on the role of the host himself – Jamie is, as many of you already know, actually amazing.

So, Jamie and I met in the circle at midday bemused by our slightly odd decision. A piece of paper was put in the middle with the question clear for all to see and an arrow pointing to me…admittedly quite embarrassing and more than a little awkward…and of course, actually hilarious.  And then it all started to a really quite lovely way.

As it the way with D and D the initial question posed turned into a truly fulfilling and great conversation. Friends came first offering support / thumbs up and then strangers joined the cause. What followed was a great and heartfelt sharing of stories – of our love, partners, family, parents, children, life and all that falls in between.

It was, for me, a most excellent way to spend an hour and a half.

To date, at 3.34pm I don’t have a boyfriend and that’s okay. More importantly I do though have some new friends and some excellent advice under my belt to boot.  Special thanks to my pal Jamie….what a lovely young man you turned out to be!