I admit I was a bit nervous about my first satellite event. I've just worked with Improbable and absolutely loved it. I shouldn't have been nervous. Everyone was wonderful, welcoming and amazing.

I was brave and proposed a session but actually didn't end up doing it as I was immersed in another - and no one seemed to mind!

It was such a creative and nurturing environment from breastfeeding to brainstorming. I've always struggled to think of myself as an “artist” but talking to other makers and performers made me realise I am - just a different kind to the type that sculpts or paints.

I attended two sessions - talking about the responsibility and impossibility of naming your baby - a lovely easy way into the group dynamic - can't wait to hear what you finally pick!

The second session was “should I start a family” and it was a fantastic discussion on identity, juggling, creativity, change, chaos and creation. I really felt involved and my two feet didn't move me away (even though my proposed session should have been at that time).

I've met some amazing people. I've got the possibility of working with some local performers in the future. I've joined a mailing list to keep up with Matilda's plans.

I feel part of a quiet revolution. I feel stronger in my identity as a mother and an “artist” (still getting my head round that). And I feel privileged to have been part of a unique moment today.

Thank you all. I can't wait for more.