Kalila Storey, 10 January 2016

My reason for calling this was because it was the thing on my mind at this time. We

have been devising performance together for about 6 years now. We are also good


Steve made me realise through a conversation early on that unless we are willing to

fully dedicate ourselves to it and do something in some form and develop a good

means of communication then it's probably not going to work. He was speaking from

the experience of his collaborator moving to Adelaide. However there is light, he did

get to go out there and they did get to rework and show their work to a whole new

audience in a very different place.

We talked about money and ways of getting around that, performing together on

opposite ends of the world, we talked about technology, embracing it and shunning it

due to its pitfalls.

We talked about instructional texts being exchanged that feed performance.

We talked about the fact that the material is the fact that we are friends that are now

separated by geography, is this about acknowledging, mourning or combatting that?

We then broke off to talk about death.

Thanks to all that gave me the little kick up the bum that I felt I needed.