Hugh Chapman, 27 January 2013

I was sipping a cup of orange juice and hot water when Flora came over and asked

me if I would like to do some moving and being still at the far end of the room. I said I

was hung over and feeling pretty stodgy. She said she was too and that we could work

with that. We did.


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Hugh Chapman, 7 June 2013

I remember feeling that dancing with Flora affected my awareness and perception. I remember having the sensation that I

was seeing very well. I felt grounded, able to take everything in. I don't know exactly what Flora's means by ‘moving and

being still’ but I'm inclined to associate this heightened perception with being still – finding a particular still point in a dance

from which one is able to look out at the world with a special kind of stillness and assurance. Like sitting outside at dawn

and feeling the Earth roll into the Sun. I wonder if Flora experienced anything similar?