Money - How do you make yours?

Jaye Kearney, 5 October 2012

I wanted to know how people working in the arts survive, where they earn their money and whether that might help me work out how I am going to earn a living doing the thing I love - THEATRE.

Participants in the discussion were: Matthew Bellwood, Rachel Walton, Lorna Poustie, Porl Cooper, Jo Verrent, Katie Fenwick, Babs Iles, Beka Haigh, Amons Jacob, Thomas Wildish

Thoughts were varied but most people were coming from a stand point of already being mostly freelance or fresh out of college unlike me. Still it was interesting to meet other artists and see the different ways they make their money.

I felt the spider diagram was the best way to represent the sparse notes I made (that or a drawing of me playing chicken with my career, but I can't draw). I now notice that the bottom note from this is missing but I think it was something like Make The Art Pay...



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