Eve Leigh, 25 January 2014


EGREGOR - the act of witnessing in a crowd creates a particular energy that can

move beyond the original group that created it

Original production of Dr Faustus - the audience was frightened because they thought

that by saying the incantations onstage, the performers would summon demons. What

is the distinction between a performance of a ritual and the ritual itself?

Sometimes performing a different “ritual” than you might normally allows you a

different perspective on your normal behaviour.

Jodorowsky - Psychomagic. Magic as therapy, therapy as magic.

Control and malice. White and black magic. If you're trying to influence or compromise

another person's free will, you're doing black magic.

You always present an image of yourself when you're with others.

Sitting down for a performance is always a behavioural contract with everyone in the


We accept rules of engagement in any social situation.

Melodramatic formula is a form of control.

How best can we code for different audiences in the same room?

With Eve from All Change, Felix from CASA, Omar from the Bush, Kate the sci-fi

director, and other cool people.


magic, mind games, Magic, social contract