Li-E Chen, 28 January 2013

Duration of silence in weight.

Mapping multiplicities

A story that you tell is only part of this ‘flat land’

It was my mistake to think that I should be trying to explain my work. Explanation can

damage my thoughts and artworks, and makes me very nervous and a bit crazy. But

after yesterday, I realized that discussion and explanation are not possible in the

context of my works. It is like: ‘How can you explain nothing to me? It is nothing;

therefore there is nothing to discuss’. It is the expression of non-expression of an

assemblage. Yesterday I figured out that instead of explanation I will try to express it

as an assemblage, a non-fixed assemblage where a story you tell is part of a flat

dimension, and another story you tell is also part of this flat dimension, and so on. So

don’t worry, there is nothing to understand, nothing to explain, just a story to tell, a

story of your experience in silence. In this flat land, there are only intensities and

multiplicities. What am I building with this weight of silence? A city, an art museum, or

just an art work, it is all, it doesn't matter what it is, it is changing all the time.

Assemblages of thoughts give peace to my mind, mapping out an assemblage and

never trying to explain myself.

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Uran Sakura, 16 November 2016

Then there's nothing to talk about because there's nothing to be measure.