Nina Kov, 26 January 2013

Mask Theatre : Hominins. Why is there not more mask threatre?

Steven Whinnery : Mask Maker/ Artist/ Theatre Director and Feldenkrais Practioner

(in training)

I called this session because I want to make a new piece of mask theatre and was

very nervous about starting, even thought I have the masks and a studio to work in

and to rehearse. So what was is stopping me? Delighted that people came and

contributed and it was really useful. I was unsure of how to start and bring it out into

the open helped me to accept the fact that I did want to make a new piece. People in

the group found the title interesting. Hominins refers to the various branches of apes

the branched off from the chimps and ended with us. The term refers to all the now

extinct members of of that lineage that included neanderthals and others. I realised

throught talking with various people that the theme could be: What would the world be

like if the neanderthals had survived and not us? What would the world look like?

Would they have made a better job of looking after the planet than we have.

Part of my nearvousness comes from the fact that I have no funding and I'm very

reluctant to ask people do get involved and not be able ;to pay them. But someone

suggested a skills swap. For people who want to get involved I can offer:

• Rehearsal and making time at my studio in Stratford for other people's projects

20 Years worth of Directorial Skills

Teaching mask making

Feldenkrais Lessons


And much more more - please ask

It was also suggested that I should talk with someone who is a producer to help in the


All in all it was very positive and I feel that I'm taking steps towards this become a


Here is a link

to a mask workshop that I taught in Beirut last year. I'm 4 minutes in!! To give you an

idea of what I do.

Here's a link to my picassa page for photos of my masks; 

So a big thank you to all the people who came along., Thank you for all your advice

and suggestions. They are:

Giuliana Majo

Aalan Sharpington

Niki Kazali

George Mann

Sarah Boesen

Alex Lehman

Denise Heinrich Lane

Lina Jungergard

Anna Marsland

Aimee Courbett

Enjoy the rest of D&D