This session was designed to discuss the difficulty in creating games/puzzles and experiences that everyone has an even playing field interacting with and the problems associated with that.

- BESPOKE SOLUTIONS - a key point in dealing with different levels of ability is flexibility. And creating individual solutions for people with different or complex needs is a very important part of any business.

- 80% OF THE EXPERIENCE - We decided that a good place to aim for would be that any experience that is audience lead must aim to be 80% accessible for as many people as possible.

- WE AREN'T GOING TO CREATE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - It is incredibly difficult to please everyone and in fact that shouldn't be our aim. We should be aiming to make something that matches the audiences expectations - or subverts them in an exciting way.

- PHOBIAS VS PRIVILEGE - The interesting cross section point is dealing with how people may struggle with the game because of their problems - compared to an audience struggling because of YOUR decisions. And is anyone at fault?

- CREATING A CHALLENGE - In any game you still need to create a challenge for the people playing - how do you do that without patronising people?

- THE KNOWN UNKNOWNS - You can only prepare for what you understand and your expectations of what that is will be challenged on a regular basis. As long as you understand the variables you can see then you are on the right track.