Making and creating work is exciting. Selling it is a nightmare. How can we sell it and make the selling exciting?

Convener(s): Sarah Brignall.

Participants:  Sarah Brignall,  Sally Christopher, Heather Taylor, Stefano Di Renzo, Alex Eisenberg, Alan Cox, Catherine Hoffman, Freya Elliot, Julia Bird, Lara Hooper, Richard Smith. 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

There was a mixture of people with new and established companies. There were solo performers, writers and directors. There were also Producers and people in Arts Admin. It was not so much a discussion of funding but selling the work and getting it booked.

Disgruntled and lack of interest in booking the tours and selling the shows.

There were discussions about where peoples work fitted in e.g. Festivals and Theatres. What type of theatres were suitable and if more venues should be available. We talked of other possible places to show the work.

Suggestions were :

To get associated with a Theatre who obviously takes your style of work.

To sign up and advertise in ARTS JOB .To go through the Arts Council website.

To look on ARTS HUB website

ARTS Admin, offer free advise for selling and booking tours.

Michael Atavar at The Oval House.

The scratch nights at  BAC , The Lyric.

The nightingale Theatre in Brighton and the Soho Theatre were other suggestions to approach.

To get  an intern who will do work experience. You can find someone who has experience in different fields .Heather Taylor said this has worked brilliantly for her company. It works both ways and they stay anything from 3 to 6 months. You just have to have a structure in place and get them to help with the work.

Conclusion was to keep networking and  to find different ways of networking.

Keep knocking on those doors!