Making a Show about Carol Grimes with Carol Grimes 

Convener: Sophie Trott


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I had to go home with my 2 year old before this session, but I had some useful conversations with a guy called Nicholas, who had written a biographical piece recently, and Jenifer Toksvig.

Carol Grimes, a singer has written a book about her life, and wants to make a show which is part gig, part story.  She wants to do the singing, and not play herself. I expect this will start life as a gig with me reading bits of her book between the songs.  But I’m wondering how to grow it beyond that.

Nicholas talked about the need to find a pivotal moment to act as a sort of prism which then refracts light onto different bits of the story. He put it elegantly, not how it is here.  He also suggested watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch as an example of how to structure a biographical piece.

Jen offered to have more chats when I didn’t have a restless child who needs a sleep.