German Munoz, 28 January 2013


I want to produce a night of contemporary short, funny plays. Funny doesn't have to be

light and fluffy, it can be interesting and deep. But it has to be hysterical. We agreed

that comedic theatre is not regarded as “real” theatre and it's often lumped in together

with stand up comedy or sketch comedy. Comedic theatre can be relevant and

important, as is every bit as difficult as “serious theatre”, if not more so.

The show I'd like to produce would be a “late night show”, i.e. it would be on after a

regular main stage production. People mentioned there may be hidden costs in

overtime and late liquor licences. Good to know. I also got some interesting leads. I'd

like to mount this at a fringe theatre (preferably above a pub) for a weekend and just

see if it works and invite other venues. I think late night shows could be an interesting

income source as well as really fun.

I spoke to some people who were interested and we exchanged contact details. If

you're interested, please e-mail me at: [email protected]


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