Joseph Lynch, 27 January 2014

Throughout the weekend we heard lots of snatches of conversations happening

throughout the room at different times and stages invariably talking about the same

thing. We decided to hold a session on it:

D+D - ‘Emerging’ Companies - Are we competition or a community - can we be both?'

Whilst the title is somewhat ambiguous, (who even knows what emerging means

anyway) we were discussing whether it was necessary to establish an informal

community of artists operating within London who could find ways to pull resources,

promote, share, build and support each other's work, in more ways than just attending

shows, and be all round very nice friendly people.

You can read that full report here: being inundated with interest about the potentiality of something like that existing

we held another session today, this one. Wherein we all put our big, coloured.

imaginary, Utopian thinking hats on and talked about- What more it could be and

practical, feasible ways we could go about accomplishing such a thing. Here's some

thoughts that came out of that:

- Could it take a similar format to DandD (Open space) or in fact simply be an on going

DandD? Much like the Satellite program but one that was self-sufficient.

- Approach a venue with a smart proposal i.e. something that is going to be of little

hassle to them, that will will bring more people to their venue on a night where it is

maybe not so busy.

- Is it like a monthly networking event, but you simply know everyone there? A

Non-Networking event?

- Could we get Improbable behind it to give it some weight? What about other


- What about a series of Roundtable discussions. Or an online database.

Other thoughts included, shared training, relationships with venues, international

growth, food and wine.

So after that we boiled it down to a few, easily attainable and simple things. It seemed,

we would like:

An informal network of artists meeting regularly in a sustainable self-sufficient fashion

operating authentically at an acclaimed and attractive venue with lots of room for other

venue relationships, mutually supporting each other in the most giving and

philanthropic ways, removing all negativity towards other people's success, pulling

resources, collaborating, arranging external speakers and practioners to talk to the

group, in a way like the Young Vic Genesis program however with less

competitiveness and not as big, yet with the potential for national and international

growth and a big emphasis on Community spirit, group touring, double bills, online

information, knitting, post it notes, world food nights and lots of theatre being made.

Simple right?

Well we're going to give it a shot, it might be all, it might be one of those things, but

movement is better than stagnation. If a few people can find a few more ways to help

each other, in a sprawling city where there can be a sense of grabbing upwards and

kicking downwards whilst climbing metaphorical (sometime literal) ladders, then it's


We will be in talks throughout this week to make a more concise idea of how this will

be possible. Whether or not we want/ need a DandD singularly to discuss this (We've

chatted to Improbable about this, who are keen to facilitate if that is the case. Venues

being discussed included The Yard and BAC.).



We would really love to hear from all of you who turned up to the sessions, anyone

who gave us their e-mail and anyone who is reading and hearing about this for the first

time here.

Joseph, Flo and Stephanie

Of Human Zoo Theatre Co and Waldeinsamkeit Theatre

[email protected]


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Daniel Copeland, 29 January 2014

Hi Joseph, Flo and Stephanie

Thanks for the report.

I would like to be part of such a network, I'll send you an email, also just wondering how you might use the existing D&D site

to help, for example it offers the facility to hold Conversations (like virtual D&D sessions).

While there is something important about actually being in the same room it is a bit surprising the website isn't used more.

All the best

Dan Copeland