Art for art's sake? Art for social impact? Are they the same thing?

Data sharing - whose audience is it anyway?

Is regional theatre everything outside of London? Isn't good theatre just good theatre that everyone wants to see?

Making theatres accessible to all.

The extra-live movement.

Young people - getting them started.

How can we use each other more and co-programme? Pooling resources.

Is your theatre not a threat to ours?

Does it need a building?

Working with and including local amateur groups.

How can a theatre be more than a theatre in the community?

People come to the theatre? The theatre goes to people?

How do we influence how local government spend their budgets?

Is NT Live ruining live theatre?

Is there a value for theatre and if so, how can we measure it?

Box offices. Do we need 'em?

We are all white in this room. Why?

Integrating animations & interactive arts to add immersive dimensions to productions.