Lorraine Keene, 30 January 2014

Let’s Play/I want to Play – called by Lorraine Keene with a desire to initiate gather a

collective of creatives to make and do stuff!

Who came?

Lorraine Keene

Holly Norry

Theo Lamb



Harriet Ashton

Holly Efdelefortrie

Juliette Jeanclaude


In short, let’s play together! Yes, let’s!

So, we cut to the chase pretty quickly. This is an action group – let’s do stuff!

This is the formula:

Play –> Peformance

Why do we want this?

Continual artistic stimulation, a space to play.

What will we do?

- Meet monthly

- Skillshare

- Explore/Play

So, what might we be?

- collaborative

- skills sharing

- joint ownership

- bounce ideas

- Done in open space style – fostering an openness and honouring the procedure of

the ‘way things go’.

What can we bring?

- Skills sharing

- Devising

- Writing

- Social media knowledge

- Contacts for marketing media – artists for posters/flyers etc.

- A jar full of kazoos

What are some of our ideas?

- Make it a playshop!

- Suggested the idea of the name ‘Pandora’s Playshop’ – before Guleraana kindly

advised us that Pandora’s Box musn’t be opened… so new name for group is in the

flow (any suggestions welcome!)

- Lots of stimulus

- Childrens theatre

- A very exciting story about a selfish giant

- A box for stimulus – each meeting, group bring a medium –

movement/sound/paint/words/rhythm/game/music etc… an idea/object is taken out of

the box at random and that is explored for the session.

- Adopt the principles of a fruit machine style phone app explained by Juliette – can be

adopted in rehearsal to have 3 bowls, each with slips of paper in stating:

Location/Medium/Time – a variety of suggestions/ideas are put into the three separate

bowls, so as an example it could be: On the floor/words/15 mins to stimulate

exploration in devised work.

- Perhaps even a show run in this format!!!

Tips – Highlight what you’re good at so as to bring the best version of your contribution

to the group!

How can we run the sessions?

- Share the costs of a rehearsal space

- Bring a friend one of the rehearsals so as the group can expand in numbers

- Give each participant a time slot to share their ideas/passions, run an activity, devise

the exploration of stimulus

How will it be organised?

Group discussed who will lead on the organisation – a variety of work commitments

and locations of other members, led to Lorraine Keene offering to:

- organise the co-ordination of group members

- prepare the Doodle/Eventbrite/Facebook

- book space

- email the group the information they require

When/Where will the next meeting be?

- One meeting a month – probably on a Sunday, maybe a whole day in the half term?

- Organised with Doodle – select what dates you can do, majority is chosen.

- Very possibly at Theatre Deli/Marylebone Gardens nearby Regents Park/Bond St,


Group kept wide open for gathering of any other interested parties that are looking to

be part of a play collective in London, coming together to explore ideas, devise

creative performance work, indulge creative juices with new people…

Contact: Lorraine Keene on [email protected]

/07906950695/@integrARTy for more info and to make your interest known :)

Buzzing with joy and anticipation at what’s in store, the session was physically closed

with a hug, of which you are more than welcome to feel the vibrancy and love of. Look

forward to seeing you at the Let’s Play group!!!


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