Let’s Have A Creche

Convener: Sophie Trott

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

I wasn’t able to stay for my session because I needed to take a very tired child home.  But I did have a few chats with various other people about this, some parents, some not.  And I’ve had some ideas. 

I understand that from a legal point of view, it is tricky for Improbable to provide a crèche or even talk about provision for one from an outside group.

There were a number of informal arrangements, which worked for those people who were already friends.  However, those who don’t have other friends with kids are excluded from this.

What if I set up a facebook group for people with children wanting to come to D&D?  It could post on the D&D facebook (group? Page?) without having come from the organisers of the event.  People would then be able to say to each other how many children they needed to bring and make all sorts of reciprocal arrangements.

For example I could say something like:  I’m bringing my 2 year old, and would be happy to mind another child for a session if someone’ll do the same for me. 

That’s what I’ll do then.  Will try and call it kidsatD&D or something. 

Another thought about the geography of the room is that I noticed when I was hanging out with my daughter and her friend, they were really happy to be in the middle of things, and this didn’t seem to bother anyone.  Maybe once the opening circle has happened some toys and drawing stuff could be in the middle of the room as well as in the little ‘fenced off’ area.