Session called by Nemo Martin (@zeus_japonicus), non-binary, uses they/them pronouns.

Session called because, despite liberalness of theatres and theatre communities, many venues still call "Ladies and Gentlemen" when announcing the start of a show, which is not inclusive of gender-non-conforming guests. A simple way to conquer this would be:

1. Not saying L&G eg. "The show is about to start."
2. "Ladies, Gentlemen, and other guests, please take..."
3. "Will the Audience please take their seats, the show..."

Why do we have to go last?

4. "Ladies, non-binaries and Gentlemen"!

Best way is probably 3? You don't draw attention to the "other" so you don't get people upset about it being new.

Toilets also super important. The Bridge Theatre has "Male & Unisex" and "Female & Unisex" in a really simple way - again avoiding detection from those who don't know what they're looking at.

We should make a manifesto. Amie Taylor, Frey Hawking and Nemo Martin to help write up Manifesto as a guide for Theatres about what they can do.

Sometimes non-binary/trans people feel excluded from opportunities because of binary language (usually not intended to offend!) We as transmasc people don't want to take chances away from Women! But we also don't belong as Men! Please include us somewhere!

Julie makes a point about Children's Theatre - many Adult Men feel uncomfortable using Polka theatre toilets becuase they say "boys" & "girls" -- Julie had men ask before whether they were allowed to use the toilet because it was "for boys" not men. Adult men have to be watched in children's theatres - and men feel uncomfotable using toilets around a lot of kids.

Point raised about gay/queer men smiling at kids! And feeling paranoid about parents seeing this & thinking it's a pedophilia / creepy gay thing. It's not! Let men smile at children without it being creepy. Panic Mentality created by society.