Key points from discussion:
Where do people go for information? Library? Website?
How do you know what you don't know you don't know?
ANS: Network Evening - is the process the same for the consumer as it is for the producer?
The teenage year "gap" - inhibitions? peer pressure?
Work to let success build success - to increase public pressure.
People value the arts without necessarily realising that they do.
Multi-faceted pressures on young people at school.
"Estate Agents love the Arts".
Find ways of raising the profile of Arts events through schools, pubs, gyms, shops, cafes, etc, etc.
All it takes is time (and a bit of expires in producing hard copy).
If one approach doesn't work, they try something different until you fins something that works in your particular context.
Find spaces to display/perform art. Let success build success.
"Does it matter if people engage with Art, without realising that it is Art?"
Art in the Community - street art, and its potential for involving young people.
Do we properly evaluate the various ways we use to try to engage people in the Arts?
Do we need to re-think what and where the barriers are?

and then we ran out of time ...