Just shut up and do it!: The writing of a manifesto

Convener(s): Ned Lunn

Participants: Jerity Standen, Clara Giraud, Pascal Porcheon, Lucy Avery, Susanna Davios-Cul, Aliki Chapple, Kelli Des Jariais, Adam Milford, Jules Munns, David Cotts, Valentina Zaparia, Sam Pallis, Jonathan Bidgood


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The right people would like to articulate:

  • We believe that theatre is a living, organic force that we participate in a physical and effective communion with. 
  • We are both united and multiple in a creative mystery.
  • We don’t want to be lonely anymore: We will seek pleasure in the relationships with other. We want to be able to be vulnerable and playful with ourselves and with others, physicallys, emotionally, intellectually and financially.
  • We don’t need money to make theatre (but it helps)
  • We need money to publicise theatre (but not always)
  • We will continue to faithfully wrestle with each other and the deepest, unspeakable desires, frivolity and pains of life in a potent dance.

Now is the time we say it’s over and at the same it has just begun…


Viva la revolution! (for now)