I've Made a show about Darts and I want to do it in Stoke the MECCA of Darts can you help?

Phelim McDermott, 15 July 2012

This was a session I called in the opening both as an example of a session you might call but on behalf of Annie Rigby.

I placed it in the session two slot

This was Annie's message to the people of stoke.

Hi Phelim,

Here's my remote session.

“Hello Stoke. I've made a show about darts. I'd love to bring it to Stoke (the Mecca of darts). Can you help?”

Annie (@unfoldingtheatr)

Stuff about the show is at:


Video trailer is also here:

Annie Rigby

Artistic Director

Unfolding theatre

At the session Theresa Artistic Director asked about the show and said she would follow up contacting Annie

I also talked To Susan Clarke about the show and she said she would also contact Annie as she could think of many site specific spaces that would be very suitable for the show.

I really enjoyed showing people the link to the video that promoted the show and hearing about Phil “The Power” Taylor and how he himself has a venue which may be suitable for the show.

I look forward to hearing if the show egst to happen there whgich io really tghink would be a great place for it. The session then segued into a cionversation about buildings and open space which was very exciiting and I shall create another report for.

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Neil Reading, 17 July 2012

JUICE Comedy Clubs is also happy to make this happen. We can be contacted at [email protected] . We have links to pubs and clubs in Staffs that may be of use for the performances.