its my birthday, if you feel like it, give me something

Convener(s): Aliki Chapel

Participants: Everybody


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Today I received:

  • The first day of D and D 7
  • Everybody singing Happy Birthday to me
  • Countless smiles and good wishes
  • Lots of hugs
  • An origami paper crane
  • A card from ”Everyone  at D and D”
  • More handmade cards
  • A bag of Haribo starmix
  • A flyer for The Reservation
  • A script for Spike Theatre’s The Games
  • The intent of fruit
  • Three lovely conversations
  • The pleasure of several acquaintances
  • The delightful knowledge that a writer and producer I introduced over email are in fact going to be working together.


Thanks, everyone!