Is There a Strategy for the Region? Who is Responsible?

Joe Sellman-Leava, 2 September 2012

There is currently no strategy.

It is currently in no person or organisation's remit to be responsible for strategy for Exeter or Devon.

Seth has expressed that there are some expectations on him that he is responsible, for several reasons, e.g. his involvement in Bristol being a big one, and the term strategic investment which is attached to Kaleider.

Seth Honnor and Dom Jinks are in meetings about a Cultural Strategy, and the fact that as part of this there will be a voice for theatre and the arts is a good thing.

Geography in this region may have its own challenges regarding strategy, in terms of audiences, venues, etc linking up

As it is impossible to please everyone, how can we agree on common goals that would inform a strategy?

Who would be involved?

Who would a strategy belong to?

Who would be responsible for this? It would need to be a separate pot of funding/investment to make it happen.


Make sure the Srategic Plan for Theatre Bristol is available, so there is an example to look it, (though not to emulate)

Within the invite to the next To Me To You, mention a continuation of this discussion, as it has surfaced at previous meetings and should continue to be open to all who want to contribute


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