Is their a supportive environment in theatre for someone entering the industry late in their life? I.e. People can be intimidating.

Convener(s): Roma Meah 

Participants: Roma Meah

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I am the only person to have attended my session. I heard that another session which was worded differently, involved what I wanted to get out of my issue.  It was ‘How can the wisdom power and mystery of mature women in theatre make us more visible?’ The question I posed I think I can answer myself, to a certain extent. The reason I asked it is through having my confidence knocked by someone whilst working in an industry I am new to. How do I deal with it?  Whilst I know the answer is to immediately strike back, verbally. I have been in the position where I have frozen by not saying anything back. Thus the person knocks me further and further down. 

I feel by at least airing this thought or question @ D& D; it will enable me to retaliate in a future situation, should it face me.

As no one attended this, my session, I went along to the session ‘I want to make theatre not have a nervous break down’. I found it beneficial.