Is theatre for young people best created by, with or for them?

Chelsey Barnes, 26 September 2012

Attended by members from Zest Theatre Company, young people from a local school and Lincolnshire One Venues Young People's project representatives.

- A combination of the three works best, including a consultation process

- With young people in order to create work they understand, from their point of view, which isn't patronising!

- Theatre must discuss important issues and themes important to young people, based on true stories

- Honesty is essential! It is not about talking ‘at’ young people and instructing them to act a particular way, but to open discussions

- Young People can then become invested in work through discussion, which allows theatre to have a real relevance to them

- Young people have NEW ideas but they may still need guidance to enable these to create theatre

- Young people like to push boundary's and young audiences are very comfortable with that, but they sometimes feel restricted by teachers etc. who may judge them for acting on stage how they actually do in every day life!

- There needs to be ownership over the work, not just performing but directing, writing etc.

- Young people must feel comfortable within the group, and a structure/format should be provided in order for the ideas to be put forward openly

With, by and for, but never WITHOUT in order to create quality theatre that is suitable for young people.


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