Is the move of the Theatre Museum away from Covent Garden symbolic of the contemporary status of theatre?

Convener(s): Penny Francis

Participants: Alys Torrance, Sophie Jump, Louise Platt, Erica Whyman, Ben Neale

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Though uncertain of the exact plans for the future of the Museum, we had read that it would go to South Kensington at least for the time being.

Generally noone expressed much sadness at the loss, as both the external restraints of the building and the internal accommodation seemed very difficult to make into a suitable space.

The participants wanted:

                        Better accessibility (both to the contents of the place and the research facility)

                        Publicity and marketing to raise awareness of its existence

                        More interactive exhibitions

                        More openness to modern forms of theatre and their processes

                        More theatricality!

It should be a really excellent specialist research facility.

It was felt that the move to South Kensington could potentially be positive – for example to house it in the context of the other London museums rather than in the context of live theatre.

BUT whether the lack of public or theatregoers’ or practitioners or media protest manifested a lack of care about the whole issue, showing a general lowering of the status of theatre, was left unanswered.