Is Outdoor Theatre Indoor Theatres poor relation

Convener(s): Nathan Curry

A list of things that happened: Didn’t catch them? 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

A list of things that happened:

What does outdoor theatre mean? Does it have to be free?

Does outdoor theatre need legitimacy? Who from? Why?

Is it about criticism? Why doesn’t outdoor theatre get reviewed?

Is everyone obsessed with bums on seats?

How do we value outdoor theatre? How does the public value outdoor theatre?

Does outdoor theatre lack the resources that indoor theatre has?

If it’s free do people value it?

How do we get people see outdoor work? Is it about marketing? Articulating value?

Is Watch this Space at The National Theatre just set dressing? Or is it intrinsic to their programming?

Hard to get intimacy outdoors?

We love the fact audiences can leave when they want

How do we tell stories outside?

Are we allowed to artistically fail outside? Scratch performances for the outdoors?

How do we trial things outside?

Possibility for R and D – Without Walls

Bureau of Silly Ideas have arches in Brixton as possible creative space for outdoor ideas

Outdoor theatre is more sustainable – it doesn’t need lights (mostly)

London Bubble mentioned as interesting outdoor company working with communities

How do we involve communities more in outdoor work?

By putting art in art galleries does it comodify it?

Does outdoor theatre have a national profile?

What can social networking do?

How can we value the creative economy of outdoor theatre?

Financial vs happiness? How do we measure outdoor theatre?

Why do programmers, programme work?

Is it local authorities role to programme outdoor work?

How do we raise standard of outdoor theatre?

Do people only book tried and tested work?

Is outdoor theatre really about the community and use of public space? (Examples of Passion in Port Talbot.)

There are multiple access points for outdoor theatre

The beauty of outdoor work is unexpected events – inside of theatres the unexpected event is designed to never happen!

Can outdoor theatre be more serious? Political? Why does it always rely on comedic entertainment?

Its ok to be distracted when watching outside – its NOT inside of theatres.