Is it the right time for a Lab of research and development that impacts on practice and works with children and young people

Convener(s): Jocelyn Cunningham 

Participants: Didn’t catch everyone but Ellie Beedham, Charlie Ryder, Cathleen O Malley, Maryam Owji

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Spent inevitable time unpicking what we mean by a lab and what best practice with kids might be and settled on the primary aspiration of the Lab being the Making of Connections. Some gave examples of seemingly unconnected subjects really generating creative responses and building a strong sense of community. That the aligning of different agendas with different groups generated a great deal of creative and exciting energy.

We spoke of the urgency of this work, that artists have a huge opportunity to influence young people in dangerous times and that this work offers rewards back to the artists themselves. Lot of discussion on process versus product and what quality in this context means.

Also what other countries are doing – Cuba, Iran. Current government agendas in the UK focusing on aspirations of young people and community cohesion.

Funding of subsidized work versus private bodies like Foundations. Freedom to do what you want versus a real connected reach into community by working with existing bodies.

Group formed a distribution group to continue conversation.