Is It Any Good? And How Can You Tell? (Fringe Report)

Elspeth Murray, 31 July 2012

  • What do we mean by ‘good’?
    That's what people mostly ask - “Was it any good?”

  • How do we individually define success?
    Sometimes it's the shows with less box office bottom line that feel like they really represented work people wanted to create.

  • It takes distance and perspective
    An early piece of work might not be amazing but represent a crucial step in a theatre artist's development.

  • A good show is one you really tune into.

  • One that makes you go “Wow!” emotionally.

  • Deep down did it mean anything to me?
    Did it leave an impression on my mind and heart?

  • Did it change me?

    (More notes are included on the attached images.)

The SPARC Process is a set of questions developed by Puppet Animation Scotland to help artists to reflect on the quality of their work, partly in collaboration with peers but with the artist him or herself guiding the process.



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