Is Highland Theatre all Shortbread, Tartan, Gaelic and hard times?

Lindsay Brown, 8 September 2012

We quickly agreed that Highland Theatre is difficult to put into a box, it's can't be summarised as one thing as it is so many but there is perhaps a lack of confidence in the people producing theatre in the Highlands due to several factors.
Audiences - Highland audiences don't necessarily need to see another shortbread production covered in Tartan but it goes down really well in the central belt? Is there a need to a show to be marketed at different levels for different audiences in different locations? How do we sell ‘Highland Theatre’
There was also a discussion about the ‘trade route’ of theatre being produced in the Highlands. Where as central belt shows can play Edinburgh, Glasgow then London, in the Highlands it opens locally or in Inverness and then tours the Highlands. Should it then go to London? Canada? What is the trade route for Highland theatre?

Companies who are wishing to produce Highland work may feel they have to open with a big ‘Highland’ number such as Para Handy which appeals to an audience who appreciate ‘Scottish-ness’ but could the next show by the same company be something more challenging? Would an audience come out? If 10% of the previous audience came to the next show that is audience development...can companies evolve their work to attract new audiences for theatre and to explore ‘Highland’ work?

The model of residential feis has made it possible for young people to come together, socialise and explore their culture. As a result the traditional music scene is humming

with young musicians, bands and new music being written and performed. Could this model be used for developing new work with young people? Bringing them together to create and explore Highland culture and theme to produce new work?

No, Highland Theatre is more than Shortbread, Tartan, Gaelic and hard times but there is an audience for that. Can we take that audience with us as we start to explore the issue of what it means to be ‘Highland’ or as we explore issues affecting us as we live in contemporary Highland.


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